Thursday, September 10, 2009

Attract Money

Money is not always the result of hard work and patience and labor but you also need a right kind of mindset to attract wealth. Money like any other object is a form of energy so to have money should also know the trick and techniques to attract money.
The two most important secret of law of attraction for attracting abundance, prosperity and the money you want into your life.
ALLOWING- You must allow what you want to manifest in your life.It may sound very easy but many among us feel helpless when it comes to manifest money this happens due to our inner blocks. Now let me discuss how it happen.
Suppose you need $25,000 within fifteen days. If you don’t get the money you may have to face major problem. Since the law of attraction delivers money to you if you
already believe you have it , you only have to thanks for the money which is yours already. You just allow the money. Simple very simple if you can eliminate all disabling thought you have about prosperity and abundance.
A little trick how you can do that –imagine you have a wallet that's bulging with $100 bill. You can buy anything you want and wish. Each time you spend money from the wallet it is filled automatically and instantly . You buy whatever you choose……………..
Believe this and while you're thinking of the money, and pretending you have it, you're vibrating prosperity, and since you're aligned with abundance, abundance will flow into your life.
Thought every time cannot be monitored but your feeling can be always you take a close look to your emotions to know that you are in right track or not. Remember emotion is energy in motion.
Joy and Happiness is those positive emotion and another secret of attracting wealth.
When you imagine that the money is yours, and feel abundant, because you have more money in your wallet than you could ever spend, you're in alignment with money flowing into your life. Now all you need to do is feel happiness and joy.
Start feeling grateful for having an end less supply of money to you. Experience the joy of abundance ------- now you know you can have anything you choose.
Keep allowing and enjoying this blessing and when any negative thought intrude switch instantly.
Yes you can have every good thing you want because you are child Of God. Have it and enjoy. “Life Is A Canvas, Sketch Your Reality On It.


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