Thursday, April 14, 2011

Digital Content Delivered Instantly On Mobile Devices Like iPhone & iPad

If you are selling information products online in have a membership site with media and content, do you really expect your customers to consume all of your content on a desktop computer?Let’s face it, today we are all on the go. With new “Smart Phones” we surf the web and use apps to do everything.If you are not offering your customers ways to consume your media on their mobile devices they are less likely to buy.
The SlingItApp allows you an easy solution to manage your content online to stream it to your customers mobile devices. Happy customers don’t ask for refunds.
The Internet has gone mobile and your customers will demand the ability to consume your content on their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. If you don’t provide it, you will find your customers simply will no longer buy your products.

The APP is FREE to download for your customers and they never pay any monthly fees or use fees.

When they pay you, this software will give them a media code to unlock your content. It’s that easy.
Your customers simply download this Free iPhone app and your content is waiting for them instantly when they want it. Here is how.- With your account you get an Online-Dashboard. This hosted software is the only product made for marketers that allows you to control your content from your online admin panel, to allow your customers to stream your content, like audio video, and .pdf ebook files right on their iPhone / iPad / iPod touch. So, you don’t need to pay a developer $20,000+ for an iPhone App for your company; with SlingItApp you are in business in 60 seconds!
This SlingItApp is very useful for all those  who sell  content rich products to their customer.

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